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Welcome to Han of Harmony (HOH).

Life is a journey filled with changes that can disrupt your harmony. And, in the midst of these changes lie opportunities, challenges and pitfalls that you have to deal with. Your ability to handle these changes will not only affect you but your loved ones as well. This makes it crucial for you to manage these changes well.

Here at HOH you will learn how to make better choices in any situation. Doing so, ensures you prolong your good fortune while avoiding misfortune. To begin, start here.

Ask the Vizier

Career, love, relationships and tough choices are some of the issues that people deal with on a daily basis. The way they handle these problems can easily change their lives for better or for worse. The right choices leads to good fortune while poor choices lead to misfortune. If you are struggling with the challenges you face and do not know what to do or how to proceed, “Ask the Vizier.” I will be more than happy to help you.

I hope you will find your time here at HOH enriching. May you live an inspired life that is in harmony with change. Peace be with you.

Latest Updates

How to Deal with Setbacks

Setbacks happen. But what really counts is how we deal with it. How then should you deal with setbacks in an optimal manner?

How to Maintain Clarity in Adversity

It is often hard to know what to do during moments of adversity. How then can you maintain your clarity when you need it the most?

The Three Pillars You Need to Overcome Any Obstacle

Nothing hits as hard as life. Find out the three pillars you can rely on to keep pressing on through adversity, setbacks and failures to reach your goals.

Harmonizing the Past with the Present and Change

Unless we harmonize our past with the present and change, our past can shackle or cripple us. How then do we prevent this?

How to See the Silver Lining in the Clouds

Adversity, like dark clouds, can darken your world. What then can you do to see the silver lining in the clouds?

The Intuition Principle: An Interview with Angela Artemis

An Interview with Angela Artemis

Lasting Success Has No Short Cuts

There are no short cuts to lasting success. Find out why it is better and safer to take the longer road.

Make Better Choices by Weighing the Merits of Viewpoints

Find out how to weigh the merits of many viewpoints to make the best choice.

A Good Ending for a New Beginning

Relationships that end do not have to end badly. When you ensure that you end things well, you are likelier to have a fresh start.

Common Ground and the Illusion of Boundaries

When it comes to dealing with change, we might not be able to do it alone. Here, it pays to find common ground to help us unite with others.

It is Ok to Feel the Way You Do

It is Ok to Feel the Way You Do.

How to Move Mountains with Your True Heart

How to Move Mountains with Your True Heart.

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