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Boy and his bear by Rick Hawkins

“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.” Viktor Frankl, the eminent psychotherapist and holocaust survivor, was fond of quoting Nietzsche. He believed that those who had an aim or purpose in life could bear almost any hardship to fulfil it. But those who had nothing to live for would find life meaningless and lack the strength to carry on. The following are 10 benefits of having meaning in life:

10 Benefits of Having Meaning in Life

1. Clarity: Having meaning in our lives gives us clarity. It allows us to see the big picture and our lives in perspective. We know what we are living for, what we have to do and why we have to do it. It makes it easier for us to carry out our mundane chores and to bear the challenges we face. We are also likelier to recognize and seize opportunities that will help us to fulfil our meaning in life.

2. Focus: Meaning helps us to focus our energies on a single point; the fulfilment of our purpose. In the process, we screen out distractions and the irrelevant, conserving our energies for our goals. With this focus, we are likelier to accomplish much, burning away the obstacles that stand in our paths.

3. Productivity: Being clear about our meaning in life enables us to be more productive and efficient. We are less likely to procrastinate and more likely to finish the necessary tasks to reach our goals.

4. Creativity: When we are enthusiastic and inspired, we may have flashes of creativity. This helps us to come up with innovative ways to accomplish our goals.

5. Resourcefulness: Having meaning in life can make us more resourceful due to necessity. When we face challenges and obstacles that we have to overcome, we may have to try new approaches when old ones fail. For the sake of our goals, we may have to seek advice and help from others. This proactive approach helps us to fulfil our meaning in life.

6. Drive: The important things in life do not come easily. Having a purpose allows us to tap on energy reserves we never knew we had to reach our goals. Like an internal power source, meaning helps us to wake up each day recharged. It also gives us the fuel needed to carry on day in day out to fulfil our purpose. This is especially useful when we face challenges.

7. Inner Strength: When we face challenges and setbacks in the fulfilment of our purpose, meaning gives us the courage and the strength to press on. Regardless of the odds we face, we will keep pressing forward with determination and resolve.

8. Perseverance: When there is no end in sight to the challenges we face, meaning helps us to persevere. Perseverance increases the likelihood of our success. Through tenacity and a refusal to give up or surrender, we will wear down the obstacles in our path until we succeed.

9. Personal Growth: Fulfilling our meaning in life is a journey. During this journey, we will have to grow to acquire the necessary skill sets and wisdom to reach our goals. In the process, we will become more than we ever imagined we could be.

10. A Meaningful Life: By knowing what we live for, we are able to lead a meaningful life. When we look back on all the things we have accomplished to reach our goals, we will have little regrets. We would find it a life well lived.

Taking Action

Admittedly, having meaning in your life does not necessarily make it easier. You still have to work through and overcome the challenges you face. But with meaning in life, you know what you are striving for. With meaning in life, you gain the inner strength to handle more than you ever thought possible. It takes a lot to stop a driven person with deep meaning in his life. Meaning; don’t go through life without it. Learn how to create meaning in your own life and unlock your own potential.

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  1. People who have high meaning in their lives are more likely to help others in need….
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