Jan 172012
Sharing their Inner Worlds by Horton Group

The way we perceive and remember events is unique to us. Two people can share a unique and pleasant experience together and yet walk away with different memories of that event. Let us say that a couple had a wonderful date together. This does not mean that they will have the exact same view or memories of events. Their memories might focus on different parts of the date that matters to them. As time passes, they might remember the date in different ways for different reasons.

Memories are unique. It links our past, present and future together with all those who are a vital part of our lives. But the sad truth is that no one will really know what our full thoughts and memories are except ourselves. That is unless we do something about it.
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Jan 092012
Tears by Erickson Ocampo

This morning, a dear friend of mine returned to the States. I will probably not see her for some time and it causes me deep anguish. Separation from people you are close to is never easy. Yet pain is something we all have to deal with at one point or other in our lives. While pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. The sooner we get through the healing process, the sooner we will be able to let go of our pain. Here are the steps that I took to manage my pain.
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Jan 042012
Guilt by Ramzi Hashisho

Guilt is the great paralyzer. Instead of taking action quickly to correct and resolve a mistake, guilt might prevent you from doing so. Everyone makes mistakes. There is no shame in that because we are all human. What truly matters is how you take action to clean up the mess. While feeling guilty after a mistake is natural, you must not allow your regrets to paralyze you from taking corrective measures. Yet this is no easy task. How then can you manage guilt better?
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