Who Am I?


Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit Han of Harmony (HOH). My name is Irving aka the Vizier which means “bearer of burden.” For those who are unfamiliar, a Vizier is a minister and advisor to a Sultan. I chose this pseudonym because I see my role here at HOH as that of an advisor to all who seek my services. It is an important responsibility to me.

The Yijing and Me

I have been using the Yijing for 6 years. Before I found the Yijing, I did not always manage change and choices well. I grappled with uncertainty, fear and indecision when it came to tough choices. Like other people, I made the best choices I could and hoped for the best. The waiting was always nerve wrecking, especially when it came to major decisions. More often than not, my choices were not in harmony with the times which led to many unfavourable outcomes. As such, I made my fair share of mistakes and missed a lot of opportunities.

But with the wisdom of the Yijing, things changed for me. I gained an edge over the situations I faced because I knew the outcomes of each action I made before I made them. This helped me to make the best choices I could given the times and circumstances. Because of my foresight, all the effort that went into my preparations paid off in the best possible manner.

For example, job interviews were a nerve wrecking experience for me as I am sure they are for many. No matter how I prepared, I could never be sure of how things would go. But with guidance from the Yijing, everything changed. Not only did I have a sneak preview of the job interview; I also learned how to prepare for it. Knowing how a job interview would turn out and what I could do to get it gave me much needed confidence and peace of mind. Not to mention I also got the jobs I wanted thanks to the Yijing.

Since then, I consult the Yijing on a regular basis. On the one hand I do this to avoid any unpleasant surprises. On the other hand I do this to practice and to immerse myself in its wisdom. It has been a great source of counsel and guidance for me and now I want to share it with you.

Why I Want To Help With The Yijing

I believe that it was not by chance that I found and learned to use the Yijing. My time with the Yijing has taught me that it is possible to shape your destiny. You do not have to be a helpless victim of circumstances. With the Yijing, I now have the means to make a difference. But this is a heavy responsibility which I take seriously because of the stakes involved.

Everyone wants to do well in life. To do so, depends on how well you manage the change and choices you face on a daily basis. Nothing is more distressing to me than watching people make choices they wish they didn’t. If I can help you to make informed choices about your career, decisions and relationships, I achieve 2 things:

-Make a Difference

I get to make a difference in the lives of many by doing a job that I love. Nothing makes me happier than to receive feedback from people telling me how my advice has helped them. Each of us has an important role to play in this life. Some of us are leaders of our respective fields. Others nurture the next generation as mentors and teachers. But for most of us it is to our loved ones that we are responsible. It is crucial that we fulfil our roles well because of all those who depend on us. If everyone is able to carry out their roles in life by making informed choices, I believe the world would be a better place.

-Earn a Living Doing What I Love

In the process of helping you, I hope to earn a full-time living as well. While I do enjoy helping people, the reality is that I need to pay my bills. The payment you make is for my time and my effort which goes into the analysis and interpretation of your situation. I personally believe that if you pay for my services, the question you are asking is deeply important to you. This makes it important to me as well. Your success is ultimately my success. Since I take this trust seriously, the last thing I want to worry about is my own survival. Thus this mutual exchange is the best way for me to focus on doing the best I can for you.

How I Will I Help You With The Yijing

I believe that everyone has a reason for their actions. It is a matter of whether those actions are effective or not. You and I both want to do well in life, to make a difference and to have people respect and value us. These are generally the motives which fuel our actions. Our lives have to have meaning and importance to be worth living. It is a great shame that many of us never achieve this success because we don’t know how to.

My purpose is to give you the clarity you need to succeed. I will listen to your situation, learn about your concerns and goals and then show you what you have to do to reach your aims. As I mentioned earlier, some actions are effective and some are not. I am here to help you to find effective actions to take given the circumstances you face. By doing so, you will attain your goals and find new opportunities to better your life. Just imagine, what could you achieve if you knew the outcome of your actions before you made them? How would your life change if you knew beforehand about the opportunities and pitfalls that lie along whatever path you chose to take?

Think of me as your Vizier or advisor who is here to help you. Like all good advisors, I will listen patiently without judging, ask questions to clarify my doubts and understand what you want in life. My advice will be pragmatic, honest and sincere. It will be to the point but cushioned with empathy for the situation you face.

My Interests

I am a huge history buff. I love reading about empires, emperors, empresses, generals and statesmen. I also enjoy reading Chinese military classics and books on the art of war. At the same time, I like reading a little Zen, Taoism and Neo Confucianism. In this manner, I build upon the knowledge and experiences of those before me.

Apart from reading I also hit the gym regularly to maintain a certain level of fitness.

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