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Maze of Life by Svilen Milev

Dear friend,

Are there any troubles that weigh heavily on your mind? Are you unsure about how to manage a situation or how to proceed with a problem? Are you struggling with challenges in the following areas of life?

1. Relationships

Have you ever wondered how a relationship with someone you like will turn out? Is this person “the one” for you? What kind of cherished memories and experiences will you have? What kind of challenges will you face? Will there be more ups or downs? How can you make it last with more good times than bad? Will things change for better or for worse? What can you do about it?

2. Career/Job/Own Business

Have you wondered about your job? Will it be better to stay on or to leave? What will working at a new company be like? How will things go at your new job? What do you have to do to ace the interview? How will things turn out for you if you set up your own business instead? What about a career switch? What is the best choice to further your aims?

3. Major Life-Altering Decision

Have you ever wondered about a major decision you have to make? It could be about a major financial purchase, the purchase of a new home for example. Or it could be about settling down in a foreign land. It could even be about some people with whom you are starting a business venture. Is this the best choice you are making? Is this the right time to act? How will it turn out for you? What will go right? What will go wrong? What can you do to manage the transition better?

4. Difficult Situations

Have you ever struggled with a difficult situation or knotty problem? Maybe a conflict threatens to tear your family apart. What can you do to make things right? Or you might be having difficulty trying to persuade someone to agree with you on an important decision. What is the best way for you to manage it? What should you say? How should you deliver what you have to say? When would be the best time to say it?

I Always Came Out Feeling More Empowered and Wiser…

Irving is wise on many topics about life, for example relationships and career. Conversing with him provides me with new perspectives to tackle my issues. I have never been turned away, he has always made time to listen and provide his views patiently. He is not one who forces down advice on you either. It is really more of a mutual discussion on how to deal with an issue, one where I always came out feeling more empowered and wiser.


How to Proceed, Manage and Cope?

All of these challenges can weigh heavily on your mind. With much at stake, you may struggle with how to proceed, manage and cope with the challenges you face. This is perfectly normal and understandable. I would know because I too have struggled with the difficulties above. I too have agonized for days and weeks over how to proceed, manage and cope with the challenges I faced.

Events that matter are rarely simple; otherwise, they will not be a challenge in the first place. Here, the right choice can lead to success while a poor choice might lead to failure. To complicate matters, many factors can prevent you from making the best choice in any situation. The chief culprits are doubts, fears, uncertainties, and the unknown. Thus instead of meeting with success and achieving your goals, you might make costly mistakes and face crushing failure when it matters the most.

But what if you knew the outcome of your choices and actions in advance? Will you not be able to see clearly, which the best choice is? Will you not be able to choose the path that leads to success while avoiding the path that leads to failure? Will you not be able to act at the right time and in the right way? Is this foresight and foreknowledge possible? Yes it is.

Ask the Vizier

If you have answered yes to any of those questions above, I can help you with the use of I-Ching divination. I can show you the essence of your situation and the outcome of your choices and actions in advance. From my experiences, this has proven to be a decisive factor in resolving the challenges I faced. Now I am willing to extend this help to you.

If you accept it, my role will be to serve as your adviser and get you through your challenge. My aim is to help you to make the best choices in any situation you face. Our goal is to ensure you have good fortune while avoiding misfortune.

Working with the Vizier

The first thing I need to do is to understand your situation. As far as I can, I need to be able to see things from your perspective because your point of view matters. I also need to know your goals, concerns and challenges. This information will shape the way I tailor my advice to suit your needs.

Next, we will discuss plans and strategies. This involves going through the options you have to narrow them down to a select few before we choose the best one. Here, I use the I-Ching to foresee how each of the chosen options will turn out. When the opportunities and pitfalls along each path are clear, it becomes easier for us to select the best option.

Finally, we execute the plan. As your adviser, I will guide you through events as they unfold step by step. You see, events can take days, weeks or months to occur. Most people do not have the watchfulness or the patience to monitor the situation so closely. Thus, I serve to remind you about the events that will happen before they do. In this way, you will be able to get through any situation with less trouble. In the meantime, you can just focus on going about your daily life with fewer worries.

Questions: General VS Specific

Broadly speaking, the questions and answers I will pose to the I-Ching can be general or specific.

The more general the question, the more general the answer will be. For example, you could ask a general question about how your month will turn out for you. The answer may reflect events that happen in your personal life or your work life or both. It really depends on how significant these events are. Given that anything could happen in your personal and work life, it may be a little hard to pinpoint the specific events unless the warning signs are obvious. This is where we may need to ask specific questions if needed.

The purpose of general questions is to scan an area in your life to see if all is well. It could be your personal life or work life for instance. By doing a broad sweep over a short period, you will be able to see if good or bad things are waiting for you. If there is trouble, this foresight will allow you to take early and prompt action to avoid or effectively manage it. If there is good fortune, you will be able to seize and maximize it.

On the other hand, the more specific the question the more specific the answer will be. This will make it easier for us to pinpoint the likely events that will arise. For example, a specific question about how your relationship with your spouse for the month of April will turn out will show just that. The answer will show any good or bad things that may happen in your relationship for April. Again, with this foresight, you will be able to make the best choices and take the right actions.

You do not need to worry about whether the questions to ask are general or specific. In the course of our discussion, we will decide the best questions to ask for your situation.

In the process of working with me, you will gain the following benefits.

Benefits of Working with the Vizier

1. Peace of Mind

By knowing the unknowns and the outcome of your choices and actions in advance, you will have peace of mind. This foresight and foreknowledge will ease your doubts, fears and uncertainties. Because you know the outcome, you do not have to wonder or worry about “what if?” When you have peace of mind, you can make the best choices for your situation.

2. Clarity

Grasping the essence of your situation and its unknowns will give you great clarity. You will know exactly what you can do, how to do it and when to do so. No matter what challenge or problem you face, you will know the best way to handle it. No matter what aim or goal you have, you will know what you must do to attain it.

This clarity will help you to avoid needless trouble and costly mistakes. In the process, you save time and effort that you can put to better use elsewhere. When you focus on key areas that matter, you will get double the results for half the effort. By managing your situation with foresight, you are likelier to get what you want.

3. A Smoother Journey

When you know what is likely to happen and prepare for it, you will face fewer shocks. There will be fewer unexpected surprises waiting for you.

When you face pitfalls, you will know how to avoid or manage them. When you face opportunities, you will know how to maximize them to further your aims. When you have to choose between different paths, you will know which one is the best and what you can expect.

Because of your readiness and foresight, you will be able to turn events to your advantage as they unfold. All these factors serve to make the path to your goals smoother.

4. Continued Support

As your adviser, I am with you every step of the way. We will discuss plans and prepare before we execute the best course of action based on your goals. As events unfold, we will manage them together in the best way possible. At any point during the unfolding of events, you may consult me to clarify any doubts you may have. If there is a need to change our plans, we will do so. Otherwise, we will follow the plan to its conclusion to achieve your goals.

Why I Keep Going Back to Him for Consultations…

My consultations with Irving have always been top-notch: he spends quite a bit of time understanding the situation before he casts, and then gives me a thorough prognosis. As a researcher I tend to be very critical of things, and Irving does not disappoint, with his very thorough analysis, and a step by step of how my issue will unfold according to the consultation. Since I have a need to understand I tend to question a lot of things, and to his credit, he has always been patient with my endless stream of questions and provided a credible and logical explanation to my questions. The most uncanny thing is that my situation tends to unfold according to what he said, sometimes eerily so. This has helped my career tremendously as I am able to plan my approach and what to do every step of the way. These are all the reasons why I keep going back to him for consultations. Thanks Irv.

Shane Korfo

More about the Vizier

If you wish to know more about me and the way I work, you may do so from the following sources.

Articles: Find out about my views and the way I manage situations from what I have written and the interviews I have done.

Comments: Find out what people have to say about me.

Testimonials: Find out what working with me is like from people who have done so.

Contact the Vizier

Changes in life will give you many tests and challenges to face. This is inevitable since change will happen with or without your consent. But whether you can pass these tests with flying colours or not is within your control. Whether you have good fortune or misfortune depends entirely on your choices and actions. There is little benefit in wasting time and effort on needless problems. It is not necessary to make mistakes that will cost you and your loved ones dearly. If you let me, I can help you to seize opportunities and avoid pitfalls in your chosen path to your goals.

I offer a Free Question to anyone who engages my services for the first time. This will allow you to appreciate and understand what I do better. All you have to do is to drop me an email and let me know the following:

-Your situation, what is going on?
-Your goals, challenges and concerns
-Your available options

The key is to take action early while you can still influence events. So hurry and drop me an email. I am ready to help you to make the best choices in any situation.


While the I-Ching (Yijing) is a great tool for insight and guidance, please remember that you always have free will. You and you alone are in full control of your own destiny. How your life turns out depends on the choices and actions you make. While I do provide advice to help you with your situation, I am not liable for what you choose to do with it. By engaging my services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree with this disclaimer.

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