Here, you will find the testimonials of some of the people with whom I had the pleasure and privilege of working with.

Remarkable Source of Insight, Inspiration and Encouragement

Irving’s I-Ching Consultations have been a remarkable source of insight,inspiration, and encouragement for me. In particular, they have provided practical and incisive guidance during an especially rocky year, allowing me to steady myself, plan judiciously, and meet change with more confidence and ease.

It’s uncanny how accurately events unfold in accordance with the divination. Irving is thorough and precise, while also deeply caring. He presents his findings in a clear and professional way and is always eager to help you understand the possible implications, how best to handle them, and answer any questions you may have. Irving is like an island of sanity in the midst of change and confusion.

-Sandra Pawula, of Always Well Within

From Confusion to Clarity

I had the good fortune to seek counsel from Irving, the Vizier, on some questions I was grappling with at the beginning of the year. Irving is an expert on the Yijing, the Book of Changes (also spelled I Ching).

The first thing that impressed me was how Irving helped me clarify my issues. By asking me a series of questions, he helped me take my murky confusion and distinguish the specific points that I wanted help with. That in itself was a worthwhile exercise.

Next, he did a reading with the Yijing and reported back to me, not only with the direct results, but also with his added insights and commentary. The result was that his advice enhanced the wisdom from the Yijing with his own understanding of my issues and his ability, based on years of practice, to interpret the results of the reading in a way that was meaningful to me in the context of my specific circumstances.

But that is not all! On his own initiative, he followed up on something that the initial reading revealed and did an additional reading to seek more insight on a particular point. This shed further light and understanding on the situation I was dealing with. I was struck by the caring and integrity that this extra effort showed.

I’ve gone back several times in the last months to reread his advice. It helps me be aware of forces at play as I make choices and move through challenging times.

As an added note, Irving’s charges for his services would be a bargain at twice the price. For the time and expertise he offers, there is enormous value in the small investment he asks for his advice.

Galen Pearl of 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place
Retired Law Professor

Prepared to Proceed with Confidence and Peace of Mind

I had the pleasure of consulting with the Vizier when I was seeking life’s hardest questions. He is a wise man and I learn so much from him about overcoming adversity, making choices and taking control of my life.

When I was contemplating selling my house, my belongings and all my earthly possessions and moving to a remote village in the Himalayas, I consulted with the Vizier. He studied my situation carefully based on my goals, concerns and challenges. Then, he consulted the I-Ching to gain a better understanding. His in-depth analysis of the available options open to me at that point in time made me hold off buying my ticket to the Himalayas or making any drastic moves in my life. I may still be heading to the Himalayas, but it may be a 21-day adventure journey instead of joining a monastery.

The Vizier was also able to guide me on my dramatic career change and business launch. By advising me to hold off to a better time to plan and prepare accordingly, I was able to avoid facing needless problems because I was not yet ready. Now, thanks to his insights, I am better prepared to proceed with confidence and peace of mind.

If you’re confused, uncertain, scared or apprehensive about any major decisions coming up in your life, talk to the Vizier. He is a wisely oracle of caution, prudence, preparation, harmony, happiness and peace. More importantly, he may be able to save your health, your soul or even your house. Thanks Irving!

Vishnu of Vishnu Virtues

Great Care, Professionalism and Useful Advice

I have found Irving’s Yijing Reports interesting. I have not tried this form of reading previously and getting one done helped me to understand its benefits. I was able to exercise greater caution due to what has been divined in the readings. Although not quite specific, the main events did take place in the timing as foretold.

Irving demonstrated great care, professionalism and useful advice. He took the time to explain to me in areas that I did not understand. He was also patient while I sought clarification.

I recommend getting a Yijing reading for anyone who would like more help with navigating life’s challenges. We can do with more assistance especially during crucial times and Irving’s Yijing readings are worth a consideration.

Evelyn Lim of Abundance Tapestry

The Adviser Everyone Should Have

Irving has been most proactive and helpful in explaining the I-Ching to me. The best way was not in theory but in showing me. In his detailed reports, he broke down my situation and pointed out what I had to be careful about. When I mentioned briefly to him about the challenges I was going through, Irving analyzed them against his readings and gave me suggestions on how I should manage.

I remember that in February there was a point he said I would have some inner struggles and be torn in emotion because of something I would like to do, but knew I shouldn’t. I heeded the warning and avoided the person / event, and prevented an episode of inner turmoil.

I am not a superstitious person but I don’t mind a guiding philosophy to life. Most importantly, working with Irving has been most eye opening. He taught me a lot about calming down and getting in touch with myself. He was generous with his help, always ready to offer more. I appreciate his pro-activeness, but more so, his willingness and ability to “listen”, or rather read my long emails and rants, in order to analyze and give me the best direction possible. He is never presumptuous and inspires confidence and trust, even though we have never met face to face. Irving always over delivers!

Whether you believe in I-Ching or not, I encourage you to try it first, to understand what it is about.

Noch Noch of Noch Noch.Com

The Edge in Dealing with Life’s Uncertainties

Irving has helped me gain an edge in dealing with life’s uncertainties by pre-empting what is to come. With his guidance, I am able to make better decisions and deal with issues that come along. Irving has been very helpful with the advise he dispenses very freely along the way.

I recommend an I-Ching divination with Irving for ppl who want to manage their lives better or have a difficult decision where they need some direction. It has also taught me not to be complacent even though things might seem to be going well. I am also able to react better to sudden changes as the monthly reading has also helped me to prepare for them.

Kitty T
Marketing Manager

A Good Counsellor and Friend to Have by Your Side!

You can google I-Ching to obtain all you want to know about this ancient art. There are also plenty of websites that help you understand the meaning of the hexagrams slightly better. However, I personally find them too generic.

On the other hand, Irving offers holistic I-Ching consultation – he helps you interpret the meaning of the readings according to your specific questions, based on your circumstances and goals. At every stage, he seeks your input and feedback to ensure that he is giving you the best help possible. Once he is clear about what you wish to achieve, he will then offer advice on the available next steps in your situation, based on the results of the reading.

Like a good Financial Planner, Irving follows up to check that you are in a good position as events unfold. Overall, he is a good counsellor and friend to have by your side!

Lauren Liang
Financial Planner

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