I-Ching (Yijing)


What is the I-Ching (Yjing)?

The I-Ching originated from Ancient China. It is at least a few thousand years old although its exact age is uncertain. “Yi” means change, while “jing” refers to the text itself; hence its literal English translation “Book of Changes.” I-Ching is the Wade-Giles Romanization of the Yijing.

On the one hand, the Chinese viewed it a classic text and a book of wisdom. Its study was mandatory amongst scholars. On the other hand, it was also used for divination purposes to guide one’s choices in life. From emperors to statesmen to common folk, many turned to the I-Ching for its advice on dealing with life’s problems.

Life is a series of tests and challenges caused by change. Thus, in my opinion, the I-Ching is an instruction manual to manage these tests and challenges well.

What can the I-Ching do? It can show me how to align my actions and choices with the times. It can guide me in handling any problem I face. Through it, I know what is possible and what is not. With its wisdom, I know when to act, retreat or wait. This helps me to make the best choices, attain the goals I seek and manage any challenge in the best possible way.

What is I-Ching Divination?

Divination is a skill by which one foresees the outcome of events in advance. This foresight involves the use of intuition.

I-Ching divination is the use of the I-Ching to divine the outcome of events. The I-Ching serves to enhance one’s intuition and foresight. Through this process, you will be able to know how to align your actions and choices with the circumstances you face. Flowing with the times instead of against it makes it likelier for you to achieve your goals.

How Does I-Ching Divination Work?

A part of us is at one with the Universe and its wisdom. Connected through time and space, it knows all that we cannot know through logic alone. By tapping the full extent of our intuition, we will be able to foresee events in advance. Through this, we can make the best choices in any situation.

Because of the limits of my intuition alone, I rely on the I-Ching to enhance it. The I-Ching also serves to provide me with the answers to any questions that I may have. But here, I must be careful not to allow my logic to tamper with the process. To this end, I toss three coins to obtain my answers through chance and synchronicity. After that, I turn to the I-Ching to interpret my answer in the context of my question.

The Benefits of I-Ching Divination: How can it help you?

1. Have Good Fortune Avoid Misfortune

Misfortune can be a shock to most people. This is especially so when they do not expect it. To worsen matters, it is often hard to make the best choices as they react to the dangers they face in the midst of chaos. In the process, they may worsen the misfortune they face.

I-Ching divination can help you to avoid misfortune. It can reveal dangers to you early. With this foresight, you may be able to avoid or pre-empt the potential misfortune. If you cannot avoid the danger, you should still have time to prepare to manage it better. By reducing the misfortunes you face in life, you naturally prolong the good fortune you have.

2. Avoid Needless Problems and Costly Mistakes

At critical times, with much at stake, there are two things to avoid. The first thing is fatal mistakes that can cost you dearly. The second thing is needless problems that complicate the situation.

I-Ching divination can show you how to avoid needless problems and costly mistakes. It can show you how to manage any situation in the best possible way. Doing so will make it likelier for you to attain your desired outcome.

3. Increase Support and Lessen Resistance Towards Your Goals

To attain your goals, you need to increase the factors that support you and reduce the elements that oppose you. Here, I-Ching divination can help you to achieve both ends. It does so by showing you how to align your actions and choices with the times and circumstances you face. You will know what to do, how to do it and when to do so. You will know which action and choice is best, which is not so good and what you must avoid.

Acting in the right way at the right time and place increases the factors that support you. At the same time, this also reduces the resistance against you. When you act in a way that is appropriate to the situation you face, you increase the chances of getting what you want.

A Note on Free Will

Life consists of many cycles both human and environmental that have recurring patterns. For instance, there are business cycles and the seasons. Cycles are never stagnant. They are always changing. The I-Ching with its deep understanding of change is a guidebook on how to deal with these changes.

My time with the I-Ching has taught me that it is possible to alter the course of events through the choices you make. Your future and destiny is not fixed or pre-determined. Your choices and actions shape the kind of life and future you will have.

Having said that, it is easier for you to drift along the natural course a cycle takes than it is for you to change it. It is always easier to follow the path of least resistance. Trying to change the course of events is like trying to kick a bad habit; it requires effort. But you can alter the course of events at the right moments. And if you align yourself with the times and circumstances, your efforts to do so will be easier.

I can show you how to change the course of events in your life. But while I can lay out the options you have, it is up to you to decide what to do with this foresight. For example, I could tell you that a heavy thunderstorm is coming. Whether you choose to stay indoors until the storm passes or brave the rain with a brolly is up to you.

My goal is to help and empower you to the best of my abilities. But at the end of the day, you and you alone are responsible for the choices you make. This is the free will that you and everyone else have in life. And because of this free will, how your future turns out is up to you.

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