The Vizier’s Reflections

Dec 312011
Sun Rise by Crvdude

As 2011 ends and 2012 approaches, it is a good time to reflect. Then I read Galen’s yearly ritual and retreat to her Batcave. This set me thinking. While my ritual is nothing like Galen’s, I too prepare for the new year in my own way.
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May 212011

Hi Everyone,

I have finally set up the facebook page for Han of Harmony. I have procrastinated for a long time but I am finally glad I took the plunge! I would be honoured if you could visit the Han of Harmony facebook page to like it. It would definitely give me greater incentive to keep writing because I know I have a responsibility to fulfill to my dear readers. :)

Thank you for your support!

Irving the Vizier

May 062011
Depressed and Lonely by Luis Sarabia

When Evelyn asked me to write an article on self-love, I hesitated for a moment. For me, it feels weird for a guy to talk about self-love. But I am well aware that this is merely a view that I have about how guys should behave. But if there is a good enough reason, I am always more than willing to change my views. In this case, I feel it is worth it because some of my readers might just benefit from my experiences. As I wrote this article, it seems that I have a fair amount to say about self-love, making this is my longest post yet. The funny thing is, when I began my journey of self-discovery, I did not set out to find self-love. My holy grail was inner peace. Yet in the process, I learned about self-love as well.
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Dec 242010
Presents by Alice Harold

Christmas is a hectic time for many of us. As we prepare for the festivities, we know we should be grateful for our family and friends. And to show this gratefulness, we rush out to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Yet the perfect gift is not something we can buy. Any gift we can think of will lose its appeal with time. I am not against gift giving or receiving for that matter. I love presents! :) But I feel we should take some time out to stop, reflect and realize that we are the perfect gift to our family and friends. What would their lives be like without us?
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Dec 172010
Sun Rise by Crvdude

With 2011 looming on the horizon, 2010 ends and a new year is about to begin. With a new year comes a fresh start and it is important that I begin well. Like many people, I do not have a favourable view of New Year resolutions. I make changes in my life as and when I see the need for it. I do not need to do so just because it is a new year. But there are certain changes that I wish to make and I can see the wisdom behind setting the course for 2011. Thus, for 2011, my theme shall be “Thinking Ahead” and I shall implement the changes I wish to make accordingly.
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Dec 112010
Inspired by Chris O’Neill

Inspiration is a wondrous thing. On days when I am uninspired, I feel lethargic and I simply cannot come up with any idea to save my life. But on days when I am inspired, my energy levels are high and ideas just flow without effort. I believe that inspiration is all around us. We can be inspired from a variety of sources if we look for it. The more sources we have, the more we will be inspired. They key to inspiration is diversification. This way, if one source fails, we have others to back it up. And so, without further ado, here are my nine sources of inspiration.
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Dec 052010

Welcome to the first edition of the Vizier’s Reflections. All of us lead busy lives. With this in mind, I will use this post to share with you, any interesting and useful ideas that I come across each week. If I can help to highlight some ideas that might be of use to you, I would have achieved my aim. Although I am not sure how this post will develop over time, I do intend to make the Vizier’s Reflections a weekly staple. It will also make a good platform for me to make any announcements if the need should arise.
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Nov 282010
Fireplace by Kgreggain

Viktor Frankl once said that, “What is to give light must endure the burning.” I believe that the mistakes we make in life contain important lessons. Unless we learn these lessons well, we will keep on making the same mistakes until we get them right. But once we have learned our lessons, it is important to share our insights with those who need it. In this way, we help to light the way for others with our experiences.

Today, I am going to share the life lessons that I have learned with you. It is my wish that my life lessons will light your life’s journey in some small way. This article is also my contribution to the Life Lessons Series hosted by Abubakar Jamil in collaboration with Farnoosh Brock. Without further ado, here are the lessons that I learned.
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Aug 102010
2004 Tsunami by David Rydevik

I finally managed to find the time to watch 2012 on Blue Ray with my brother. Yes, I’m a little behind since the movie hit the theatres in 2009. But nevertheless, it was a good movie that got me thinking. This is not a review of 2012 per se; there are sites and people who have written great reviews about the movie. Instead the purpose of this article is to share the reflections and insights I had while the movie is still fresh in my mind.
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