What does “Han” mean?

A “Han” is a roadside inn where travellers can rest and resupply after a long journey. Due to the many people who passed through, the Han was also a great place to gain information. Here people could find out the latest news from others. During medieval times, the many Hans along the Silk Road supported the flow of commerce.

Han is a Turkish word also known as caravanserai.

Why did I name my blog Han of Harmony?

Life is a journey for us all. Along the way, we are bound to have good times and bad times. During challenging periods, it would be great to find a place to rest and recharge. This place is Han of Harmony.

Here, you will gain insights on how to manage change and challenges from my articles. If that is not enough, you may also “Ask the Vizier” for help to deal with your problems. I will be more than happy to assist you. With these two steps, you will be able to restore harmony to your life. Then, you may continue on your journey with confidence and peace of mind.

What does “Vizier” mean?

Vizier means “bearer of burden” or “to help.” It is a term for a high-ranking minister in some Muslim countries today. In medieval times, the Vizier helped the Sultan to bear his burden of rule by running state affairs. He served as a minister and an adviser to the Sultan.

Why did I choose “Vizier” as a pen name for Han of Harmony?

The role of the adviser suits me best. I enjoy helping people to manage change better by making the best choice in any situation. Making poor choices in any area of life can cost you dearly. The cost can be mental, emotional, financial or material. As far as I can, I always try my best to help people to avoid poor choices. This is the main reason why I chose “Vizier” as a pen name for my blog. It suits my nature perfectly.

I love solving human problems. I love looking at a situation to discern the best choices and actions possible. Here, being able to foresee the outcome of choices and actions helps a great deal. I know I have much to offer to all who seek my advice.

Using the Vizier as my pen name has another use. It allows me to refer to myself in the third person should the need arise. One instance would be titles for my articles. Whenever I have difficulty thinking of a title, I just put my pen name in it haha!

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Your confidentiality is very important to me. Each Yijing reading can be very personal in order to understand the root of the situation. It requires courage and determination to face your difficulties head on. The confidence you place in me is a sacred trust which I will never break.

As such I will not do the following:

1. I will not reveal any personal information that is shared during a reading
2. I will not reveal your name or contact details to anyone
3. I will not reveal your email address to anyone

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with my service or if you feel the roadmap isn’t beneficial to you, please contact me to resolve the issue. If the matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, I offer a money back guarantee under the following conditions.

-Anytime during the timeframe of the question in particular
-60 days after a reading if there is no specified timeframe

Regarding Payment

Han of Harmony uses PayPal for online payment which is safe, secure and easy to use. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances. Han of Harmony does not receive any financial information when you pay through PayPal. For more information, please checkout PayPal.

Contact Information

If you have any concerns that are not addressed here, do email me to clarify matters.

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