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I am not a Star Craft fan. But this is merely because I’ve never played the game and so I know little about it. Yet at the request of my brother, I agreed to pick up the pre-order version for Star Craft 2. I knew there was a launch here in Singapore for the game, but I underestimated its popularity amongst Singaporeans. Thus what was originally a simple errand turned out to be a 3 1/2 hour wait. Caught off guard by the length of the queue, I was totally unprepared. I was hungry and thirsty but I couldn’t leave the queue which kept growing longer and longer. Read on to find out how I survived the launch of Star Craft 2 as I waited from 11.30am to 3pm.

Keeping My Promise

The underlying reason for my patience was my promise to my brother. He had tasked me to pick up the game and I intended to do so. As a rule, I don’t like to break my promises. This was the driving force that kept me going throughout the wait. Although picking up a game seems like a trivial thing, I believe that you should complete your assigned tasks well whether it is big or small. Also since I play PC games myself, I am well aware of the goodie bags to collect at these kind of launches. So in a way I can understand what it feels like to want these things. All of these factors helped me to understand why I had to endure the unexpected wait. Since I knew why I had to wait, I had little problem waiting.


While it is important to know why you are doing something, it doesn’t hurt to have incentives to motivate you as well. My incentive for the wait was getting my brother to sponsor a book that I just bought. However, this was not my original intention. I would have settled for a simple lunch. But as the wait dragged on way past my lunchtime, lunch alone just wasn’t going to cut it. Given the time I was stuck in the queue, I also knew I had a high chance of getting my incentive. Admittedly, this didn’t make the wait any shorter, but it did give me an extra reason to get through it. Also, having a book on hand helped to pass the time.


The hardest part about the wait was the lack of an end in sight. I didn’t know how much longer it would take before I could get what I came for. At times, the queue hardly seemed to be moving at all. As the minutes dragged into hours, I decided to play a game with myself. I broke down the time by focusing on short-term goals. Selecting a pillar as a milestone, I waited patiently for the queue to move to the pillar. When I got to the pillar, I focused on another milestone and so on. By breaking down the wait into manageable periods, I made it more bearable. With clear ends in sight, I slowly reached my ultimate goal of getting the game without realizing it.


There were many times when I caused problems for myself by refusing to accept a situation as it was. Instead I tried to change it or struggle against it, but to no avail. There are times when you can change a situation and there are times when you can’t. Knowing the difference is important. With regards to Star Craft 2, I had to accept that I was in for a long wait. The queue was long and moved slowly; if at all. By accepting the situation and preparing myself for the worst, I was able to wait patiently without complain.

Taking Action

Overall, it was cool to be part of the launch for Star Craft 2 even if I had no particular feelings for the game. Although I was not prepared, I did manage to survive the wait without too much trouble. I always believed in a multi-prong strategy to any situation. When one strategy fails, I always have another to back me up. If they all happen to work, then it helps things to progress along as smoothly as it can. Even in the event when they all fail, I can still salvage things based on the experiences of my failures. While I can’t control external events, I am very much in control of how I react to these events. My control over my internal response helps me to manage any external situation.

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