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Planning is vital to success of any endeavour. As a bad habit is so deeply ingrained in your nature, you need to prepare well before you can change it. Planning gives you clarity about your goals and the means to reach it. It helps you to pre-empt likely problems before they arise. When you are dealing with something as difficult as changing a bad habit, you cannot afford to go about it in a haphazard manner. Read on to find out how I changed my bad habit of viewing failure in a negative light.


The first thing I did was to carry out my research on how to deal with failure. I googled the topic and read the available articles on it. I checked Amazon out for books on failure and bought the ones that appealed to me. I sought out people who had expertise in dealing with failure to gain tips on how they did it. I looked for quotes and stories on people who triumphed over their failures to gain inspiration and ideas. Overall, this went a long way in helping me to change my view of failure.

Research is a vital to changing a bad habit. It helps you to reduce mistakes and shortens your learning curve. You learn about the methods that work and gain new ideas that you have not considered before. You also become aware of the potential problems you will face, giving you time to work out a solution. Finally, you learn how to change your perception of your bad habit. In doing so, you make any change in habit more permanent. Thus by building upon the experience of others, you will find the way to change your habit for good.

Write Out Your Master Plan

After my research, I drew up a plan of action to change my bad habit. My short-term goal was to focus on the solution and not the problem whenever I made mistakes or faced failure. To stay focused, I always read an inspirational quote each day and night. Each night I also recorded my progress in my diary. At the end of each week, I would check my progress and adjust my plan as needed. Through this structured methodology, I gained clarity about my goals in the short term and the long term and how I should reach them.

When you try to do everything in your head, a few problems arise. You may forget vital points or things might not turn out as you imagined. Hence, it is better to write it all out. This makes your ideas real and it helps you to make changes as needed. You should note your goals for both the short term and the long term. Then you should detail the methods you would use to reach those goals, the problems you would face along the way and the solutions to deal with them. A time line to chart your progress is also helpful. With this clarity in mind, you will find it easier to change your habits.


While I was trying to change my bad habit, I kept myself inspired through a few ways. I kept on reading books on handling failure to pick up tips. I chose inspirational quotes on dealing with failure and pasted them in my room and workstation. They were a great source of encouragement when I felt like giving up. I also selected role models who triumphed over great failure to succeed. Whenever I faced failure, I asked myself what my role model would do and tried to understand the reasons behind their actions. All these inspirations helped me to align myself with my purpose to reach my goals.

Having strong motivation and purpose is well and good. Even so, it helps to have other forms of inspiration as well. When you eat, breathe and live the change you want to achieve, you become that very change. Change should happen on a fundamental level to become second nature. Your inner dialogue towards your bad habit and the way you perceive it has to change. To do so, you need to immerse and surround yourself with quotes, books, posters, role models and so on until you cannot help but change.

Public Commitment

I could not have changed my bad habit without the support of my family and friends. From day one, I made sure they knew what I hoped to achieve and obtained their support. During the moments when I felt like giving up, they were there to encourage me to press on. It was for their sakes that I had to change and so I did.

You cannot change a bad habit through thinking alone. You have to commit yourself to making that change happen. Here, it is a good idea to seek out trusted family and friends to enlist their help in changing your bad habit. Not only can they encourage you, they can also make sure you do not give up. By making a public commitment to change, you further commit yourself by staking your reputation on the line.

Taking Action

A bad habit that is deeply ingrained has a lot of inertia and resistance to change. It will cling on to the status quo unless you have a clear plan to overcome it. Planning lays the ground for you to do so. When you are clear about your goals, your methods and your time line, it is easier for you to tackle the resistance you will face. This will help you to change your habit permanently.

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