Inspired living in harmony with change requires me to keep on getting new ideas. I need to keep on learning and improving. Thankfully, there are many opportunities to do so if we take the time to observe the world around us. One of the ways I improve is to learn from other people. What follows is a list of the blogs and other miscellaneous websites that I read at the moment.


-Brite Talk: Life Served Sunny Side Up

-Abundance Tapestry: Manifesting A Life of Abundance

-Prolific Living: Smart Habits for Rich Living

-Always Well Within: Discovering True Happiness and Freedom

-Think Simple Now: Creativity, Clarity & Happiness

-The Reflective Self: Positivity, Self-Improvement, Beauty

-10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There): A program to help us develop habits to grow a joyful spirit.

-Lightspirited Being: Applied Metaphysics for Insight, Guidance and Transformation

-Powered by Intuition: Intuition Action Success

-Live Richly: Pursue Your Passions, Live Your Dreams

-Vivid Ways: Colorful Living

-Possibility of Today: Simple Tips for Living Today Better than Yesterday

-Some Insights Required: Time to Think without the Box

-Raam Dev: Laying the Groundwork for Sustainable Abundance

-Live Bold & Bloom: Personal Growth for Fearless Living

-Goodlife Zen: Practical Inspiration for a Happier Life

-Heart and Mind Blog: Here you will find life improvement articles about finding a balance between what your heart desires and what your mind wants.

-The Happy Seeker: Authentic Happiness for Troubled Times

-Clover Quotes: Inspiration and Knowledge

-Elevation Life: You: Unlimited, Unsilenced, Unleashed

-Steve Scott Site: Earn Money Online and Lifestyle Design Blog

-Alltop: All the top headlines from popular topics around the web

-The Change Blog: Change Your Life

-Pick the Brain: Grow Yourself

Misc Links

-Art Usagi: Art in Progression

-Blog Catalog

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