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About Page: If you wish to find out more about me, my story and why I created Han of Harmony, check out my about page.

Ask the Vizier: Troubles can weigh heavily on your mind. This is more so when you do not know how to manage a situation or how to proceed with a problem. If this is indeed your case, then help is at hand. It does not matter whether it is a challenge in your relationships, career or a major choice you have to make. Just “Ask the Vizier” and I will do my best to help you.

Articles: As I have written a fair amount of articles on various topics, it can be quite hard to know where to start. So, I have tried to keep things simple. Below, you will find that I have categorized some of my better articles according to the most useful topics.

How to Create Meaning in Life

One of the biggest questions that I have grappled with is creating meaning in life. If life has no meaning, there is little motivation to live or to do anything. Waking up each day is difficult. Getting through the day is worse.

Yet there is no standard meaning that is applicable to all because each one of us is unique. We have unique natures and views and we face unique circumstances in life. While meaning has to be tailor-fitted to each person, there are a few general guidelines in creating that meaning. I hope that the following articles may serve as a guide to help you find meaning if it is lacking in your life.

-How to Create Meaning in Life
-10 Benefits of Having Meaning in Life
-Rise Up and Live Your Life
-The Soul of Meaningful Purpose

Living a Meaningful Life

There are many unique definitions of what is meaningful in life. Here are some of the views I have on what makes life meaningful. Hopefully they will inspire you to reflect on what it means to live a meaningful life.

-The Vizier’s Guidelines to Living a Good Life
-5 Reasons to Give Thanks
-The Beauty of Impermanence
-How to Live Without Regrets

How to Have Better Relationships

Having loved ones by your side can give great meaning to your life. Yet many relationships are not problem-free. In fact, the more important a relationship, the more difficult the problems. This is especially so with romantic relationships. It is a simple truth that relationships can affect the quality of your life. What then can you do to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible in your relationships? Hopefully you will be able to find some answers in my articles below.

-How to Have the Lasting Relationship You Deserve
-How to Immortalize Special Moments in Life
-Sharing Your Inner World to Enrich Memories and Experiences
-The Why of Love and Appreciation
-Knowing When to Let Go
-A Good Ending for a New Beginning

-How to be a Good Friend to Have True Friends
-How to Move Mountains with Your True Heart
-How to Manage People Who Dislike You
-Taming the 4-Inch Wild Beast
-The Vizier on Being Tactful
-The Dangers of Pride and Arrogance

How to Create the Future You Want with Your Choices and Actions

Our lives are the sum of our actions and choices. Yet managing change and making the best choices in a situation is something that many leave to chance. While you might realize rightness or error of your choice with hindsight, by then it is too late. Your mistake may have cost you too dearly. And even then, you are only aware of the outcome of the choice and action you made.

As a lifelong student of change, I have learned that it is possible to make the best choices in any situation. But logic and preparation alone is not enough. You must also have awareness and foresight of future outcomes before they occur. Only with this clarity will you be able to make the best choices to manage any situation.

-Resolutions of the Vizier for 2012

-The Art of Shaping the Future
-The 7th Step of the Vizier
-The Importance of Reading the Signs
-The Devastating Impact of Choices

-How to Prolong Good Fortune
-Make Better Choices by Weighing the Merits of Viewpoints

-The Tao of Fish and Chips
-How to be Aware of the Tao of a Situation
-How to Manage the Tao of a Situation

How to Manage Adversity

Adversity, challenges and problems. Everyone has to face a crisis at one point or another in life. The way you manage could change your life and those of your loved ones for better or for worse.

As you can see from the many articles below, dealing with adversity is something I have given much thought. I firmly believe that if you are creative, flexible and determined, you will be able to resolve any problem you face. If you want to gain some ideas on how to master the challenges you will face in life, do check out my articles below.

-Be Like Water to Solve Your Problems
-Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem
-No Horse to Ride? Ride a Cow!
-The Vizier on the Importance of Timing
-Everything is Difficult at First

-Never Give Up Never Surrender
-Living Bravely in Times of Adversity

-Staying Calm to Manage the Shocks of Fate
-Shaping Character with the Whetstones of Life
-How to Master the Lessons of Life

How to Manage Negativity/Negative Emotions

Negativity and negative emotions can cripple and mess up your life when it matters the most. Everyone feels anger, fear, guilt and doubt at some point or other. There is no shame in this. But it is how you manage these emotions that will truly make a difference in your life. Here are some of my articles on these matters.

-It is Ok to Feel the Way You Do

-Anger: The Dangers of Becoming the Incredible Hulk
-Darth Vader and the Need for Self-Control
-Managing Fear with a Science-Fiction Litany
-How to Use Criticism to Succeed
-The Vizier on Dealing with Guilt
-The Vizier on Dealing with Pain
-How to Lift Your Mood Quickly

How to Learn from Failure and Mistakes

For a long time, I tried my best to avoid failure and mistakes. I had the mistaken assumption that successful people never failed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because I avoided failure and mistakes, success eluded me as well.

Failure and mistakes are a vital part of success and learning. Only by going through the process of failures and mistakes will you know what works and what does not. Without the wisdom and experience you gain from failure, you will not have the capacity for success. The following articles show how I changed my views of failure and learned to use them as stepping stones to improve.

-How Perception Changes Failure
-The Benefits of Failure
-How to Learn from Failure
-Why You Shouldn’t Take Failure Personally
-Why Defeatism Cripples You

Interviews with the Vizier

Here you will find links to the interviews I have done.

-The Wisdom of Flowing with Change
-Enhance Your Intuition with Divination
-Evolving Being in Action

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