Yijing Roadmap

Make informed choices when it matters with the Yijing Roadmap. Gain peace of mind by knowing the likely outcome of your decisions. Learn how to reach your goals by choosing actions that are in harmony with the times and circumstances. Seize the opportunities that lie in your way and avoid the pitfalls at the same time.

What will happen if you change jobs? What can you do to strengthen your relationship with your loved ones? What lies ahead if you start a new business? The Yijing Roadmap answers all these questions and more.

Your roadmap provides you with:
-A discussion of your situation to understand your concerns and goals
-Formulation of questions to gain deeper insights into your situation
-Interpretation and analysis of the answers derived from the Yijing
-A step-by-step report on the unfolding of events
-A step-by-step report on the best course of action to reach your goals
-Follow up as the events unfold

With your roadmap you will:
-Have peace of mind
-Be able to seize opportunities
-Be able to avoid making costly mistakes
-Learn how to reach your goals
-Have assurance and guidance as events unfold
-Have a money back guarantee

After going through the Yijing Consultation by Email or Phone/Skype, choose the number of questions that best suits your needs:

1 Yijing Question: USD$34.99

-For basic insights into a situation

2 Yijing Questions: USD$69.98

-For deeper insights into a situation

4 Yijing Questions: Special Price: USD$139.96 USD$104.95

-For in-depth analysis of a situation

After you have made payment, your Yijing Roadmap will be emailed to you within 3 working days.

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