Apr 092012
Doubt by Shahram Sharif

In our world today, people want to feel positive and happy. No one wants to feel negative emotions like pain, anger, depression, doubt or fear. This is rightly so for negative emotions taken to extremes can be harmful for us.

Yet, there is a time, place and reason for everything. If something happens that causes you to feel negative emotions, it is ok to feel the way you do. Trying to struggle against or suppress what you feel will only cause more problems for you. If you resist what you feel, you are going against the flow instead of with it. This requires continuous effort on your part that may be hard to sustain.
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Dec 272011
Worry by Murielle

As 2011 ends and 2012 approaches, it is a time to reflect. Despite the festive season, not all is rosy in the world today. Many of the major powers are facing problems of their own and how they manage will affect the rest of the world. This situation can be a cause for worry because they do not seem to be managing well.

While a little worry makes you cautious and instils prudence, too much worry can cripple you. For much of my life, I was a worrier. When faced with a problem whose outcome mattered to me, I could spend countless hours brooding over the worst-case scenarios.

But worrying alone does not change things. This was a lesson that I took many years to learn. I still worry today, but I no longer do so in excess. Instead, by understanding the nature of worry, I ensure that it does not work against me. How then can you deal with worry in a more effective way?
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Mar 232011
Two on One by Kalypso Media Group

At first glance, it seems contradictory. How can we live in the moment if we think about the future? After all, by thinking about the future, we fill our minds with endless worries about things that we cannot control. In the process of planning, are we not likely to miss the moments? But does living in the moment mean giving up total control of our lives to external events? Does it mean we go through life in a reactive manner?
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Mar 052011
Cherry Blossoms by Charley Lhasa

Impermanence is a favourite topic of Sandra’s. It is also something that is constantly at the back of my mind. Whether it is looking at cherry blossoms, reading or watching historical epics, I am always aware of the presence of impermanence. Yet it is not something that is necessarily bad. It is merely a part of this life. When there is a heavy storm, getting upset serves little purpose. All we can do is to adjust our actions to manage the situation. It is the same with impermanence. When we appreciate its value and place in this world, we can learn to manage it more effectively.
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Nov 212010
Smiling Young Woman by Mdavidwole

Regrets can haunt and torment us long after the incidents have occurred. They can shackle us to the past and affect us at the worst possible moments. I am not fond of having regrets in my life because I know the pain it can cause. As far as I am able to, I make it a point to reduce the “what ifs” and “should haves” from my life. I live each moment as fully as I can and act decisively when I must. While my style of doing things may not appeal to all, it has helped me to live a life without regrets. I hope that what I share will do the same for you too.
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Aug 312010

Has life given you more than your fair share of misfortunes? Have you ever wonder why only “bad” things happen to you? Have you ever had such a traumatic encounter that it makes you think twice about what you can or want to do with your life? Have you ever struggled to let go of the past or a “bad” experience and move on? If you have ever asked yourself one or all of those questions, you are not alone. Life is a harsh taskmaster. But fret not, read on and find out how to bring balance and harmony into your life once more.
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Aug 262010
Forest Waterfall by bradwick

Water is one of the most adaptable substances in the world. Apart from sustaining life, it also has many varied uses. Due to its common usage, it is easy to take water for granted. But if you look a little more closely, you will find that water holds the secret to dealing with many of life’s problems. The sages and the masters knew this when they spoke of emulating the qualities of water.
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Aug 152010

I have always admired Tokugawa Ieyasu. He established the Tokugawa Shogunate which went on to rule Japan in the name of the emperor for 250 years. But during his lifetime, this outcome was far from certain. There were many rivals who surpassed him in skill and might. But by being in harmony with the time and circumstances, Tokugawa survived all his rivals to unite Japan. What follows is a quote that shows how he coped with the difficulties he faced in life.
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Jul 282010

I am not a Star Craft fan. But this is merely because I’ve never played the game and so I know little about it. Yet at the request of my brother, I agreed to pick up the pre-order version for Star Craft 2. I knew there was a launch here in Singapore for the game, but I underestimated its popularity amongst Singaporeans. Thus what was originally a simple errand turned out to be a 3 1/2 hour wait. Caught off guard by the length of the queue, I was totally unprepared. I was hungry and thirsty but I couldn’t leave the queue which kept growing longer and longer. Read on to find out how I survived the launch of Star Craft 2 as I waited from 11.30am to 3pm.
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