Jul 222010

I recently came across an interview that Mike Tyson gave and found it to be candid and moving. Most of us are aware of Mike Tyson. We know of his spectacular rise to stardom as a boxing champion. We also know how he lost it all when his life unravelled due to his personal problems. The media covered much of Tyson’s struggles from his failed marriages to drugs and a whole host of public embarrassments. It seemed like Tyson would never get out of the deep dark pit he was in.

Yet today, at the ripe old age of 44, Mike Tyson is a changed man. He has tasted almost all that life has to offer. He has known poverty and wealth, success and failure, love and loss. These experiences have humbled him. Although his inner struggles still plague him, Tyson is making a persistent effort to turn his life around this time for good. Considering all that the man has been through and continues to struggle against, I cannot help but be moved and inspired by his determination. Read on to find out why.
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Jun 232010

One of the worst things that can happen when you fail is to personalize failure. This only makes an unpleasant situation worse. It becomes harder to avoid taking failure personally when you keep failing. The common conclusion to draw is that you are a failure because of your repeated failures. Nothing is further from the truth. Failure actually shows you the path to success. But to walk this path, you should not take failure personally. Read on to find out why.
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Jun 122010
Study by Colin Adamson

Those who don’t learn from their failures and mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Making the same mistakes not only highly inefficient, but costly in terms of time, opportunities and losses involved. Failure is actually one of the most important sources for personal growth. It has more to teach you than success. In fact failure is a golden opportunity for you to attain success if you learn from it. Read on to find out how.
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Jun 042010
Byzantium 1081 by Timwi

Failure is often misunderstood and avoided. I should know. Growing up in a competitive Asian society has taught me to pursue success while avoiding failure. Ironically, this is a recipe for mediocrity. In reality, failure is a part of life and a crucial part of success. Without failure, there can be no lasting success. We cannot and should not avoid failure because it has much to teach us. For those who are able to profit from the benefits of failure, success is only a matter of time.
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May 302010

How you choose to perceive the failure you face affects your ability to handle it. A negative view of failure tends to hinder you from rising above it. But a positive view of failure enables you to turn it into a stepping stone for success. Therefore, changing your view of failure from a negative to a positive one will allow you to cope better. To find out how to do so, read on.
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Mar 252010
Oda Nobunaga by Kano Motohide

The Battle of Okehazama

Before he came to power, one of Japan’s three great unifiers, Oda Nobunaga, faced a major crisis which threatened to end his career prematurely. Imagawa Yoshimoto, a powerful rival warlord, invaded his lands with an army of 25,000 men. In contrast, Nobunaga could only muster a paltry 2,500 soldiers to defend himself with. As fort after fort fell, Nobunaga’s retainers gave up hope of victory. Some even advocated surrender to preserve their lives. Defeat for Nobunaga meant death for him and possibly his family.
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