May 142012
Long Road by Trey Ratcliff

Everyone wishes for success in his or her chosen field in life. How people choose to define success for themselves is personal and unique. But while there are many paths we can take to succeed it is always best to avoid taking short cuts. Short cuts may bring success in the short run, but it usually leads to needless problems in the end.
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Jan 022011
Warning Sign by Oskay

This morning, I watched my brother play Uncharted 2 on PlayStation 3. In the game, his character was trying to steal a treasure from a museum in Istanbul. Naturally, there were many guards around to make sure that thieves did not waltz in and walk off with priceless treasures. As my brother dispatched the guards, he left the bodies lying on the floor in plain sight. At this point, it occurred to me that he was leaving signs of his activities lying around. Until then, the other guards were not aware of the heist going on. But if any one of them were to stumble on the bodies, they would realize something was wrong at once. It is the same in reality. There are signs everywhere and it pays to take notice of them early.
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