Apr 022011
Procrastinating by Bruce

“It is not difficult to wield a sword in one hand; the Way to learn this is to train with two long swords, one in each hand. It will seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first.” Such are the timeless words of the famous swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. Everything is difficult at first, but we should not let this hinder us from getting started. Instead, we should accept this as part of the learning process and take heart knowing that as we grow in experience, the difficulty will lessen. How then are we to manage the difficulty we face and reach that level of experience? In all things, there is a natural way of attaining success. I shall now share that way with you.
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Feb 262011
Closed Mind by Jimmy Changa

I have been watching Seasons 1 and 2 of Fringe for the past few weeks. Given my love for science fiction thrillers and the bizarre, it is not surprising that the show has me hooked. But what I really love is how the show encourages you to have an open mind. No matter how strange or far-fetched an idea may seem, the answer to a crime often lies in “the impossible.” Watching Fringe is a constant reminder of the need for me to view the impossible as possible.
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Feb 122011
Yoda by Aryc Ogre

Each of us has a unique destiny here on Earth that we have to create for ourselves. Creating this destiny however, requires guts, time, effort and ability. To add to our problems, we may not have the ability or the experience needed to succeed in the first place. Instead, we must acquire them over time. Only when we pass through the baptism of fire can we hope to succeed. At this point, life steps in to guide and help us.
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