May 162012

Logic while important in life can only reveal so much. Going through life relying on logic alone is akin to managing with one hand tied behind your back. There will be times where something seems logical, but does not feel right. The only way to realize this is through intuition. Intuition allows you to know things that logic alone cannot know. If you choose to ignore your intuition, you will not be living your life in a truly optimal way.

When I think of intuition, I think of Powered by Intuition (PBI) and Angela Artemis. Angela has written many articles on intuition. In fact, if you have a question about intuition, you are likely to find the answer at PBI. If not, I am sure she could help you with her many years of experience.

But that is not all. As part of the tour for her latest book “The Intuition Principle,” I have had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with her. Here is what she had to share.
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Jan 072011

“We human beings are only a part of something very much larger…We must use whatever methods we can to understand the movement of the universe around us and time our actions so that we are not fighting the currents, but moving with them.
-Memoirs of the Geisha”

Dark Path by Scott Clout

Infinite possibilities lie before us. But not all of these options are beneficial to our lives. Life, as you and I know, is about making choices. It is about creating your future, through your actions and choices, with the help of the 6 steps.

Yet to create this future, you have to leave your comfort zone and venture forth into the great unknown. To reach your goals, you have to go through the darkness of uncertainty. Even with the best-laid plans, you are bound to stumble over unseen obstacles. You are bound to let unforeseen developments catch you off guard. Today I tell you that this need not be the case. With the 7th step, you will gain greater clarity about the opportunities and pitfalls that lie along your chosen path. If you so choose, you can reduce uncertainty in your life and light your way to your future.
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Jan 022011
Warning Sign by Oskay

This morning, I watched my brother play Uncharted 2 on PlayStation 3. In the game, his character was trying to steal a treasure from a museum in Istanbul. Naturally, there were many guards around to make sure that thieves did not waltz in and walk off with priceless treasures. As my brother dispatched the guards, he left the bodies lying on the floor in plain sight. At this point, it occurred to me that he was leaving signs of his activities lying around. Until then, the other guards were not aware of the heist going on. But if any one of them were to stumble on the bodies, they would realize something was wrong at once. It is the same in reality. There are signs everywhere and it pays to take notice of them early.
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Dec 052010

Welcome to the first edition of the Vizier’s Reflections. All of us lead busy lives. With this in mind, I will use this post to share with you, any interesting and useful ideas that I come across each week. If I can help to highlight some ideas that might be of use to you, I would have achieved my aim. Although I am not sure how this post will develop over time, I do intend to make the Vizier’s Reflections a weekly staple. It will also make a good platform for me to make any announcements if the need should arise.
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