Aug 062012

Roadblock by Scazon

Setbacks happen. One moment you are pressing forward, making great strides towards your goal. The next moment you find yourself slamming into a brick wall that appeared out of nowhere, at high speed. The impact throws you off your feet and onto your back. You suffer injuries and lose your momentum. Instead of moving forward, you now have to cope with this turn of events.

At best, it is a minor irritant. At worst, it can be a devastating blow, which you may not recover from quickly enough. But what matters is not what happens; it is dealing with it that counts.
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Jan 042012
Guilt by Ramzi Hashisho

Guilt is the great paralyzer. Instead of taking action quickly to correct and resolve a mistake, guilt might prevent you from doing so. Everyone makes mistakes. There is no shame in that because we are all human. What truly matters is how you take action to clean up the mess. While feeling guilty after a mistake is natural, you must not allow your regrets to paralyze you from taking corrective measures. Yet this is no easy task. How then can you manage guilt better?
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Nov 072010

Bela Lugosi as Dracula 1931 by Nice Dawg

I am a big fan of Count Dracula. But even so, I am not blind to his failings. Despite his great powers, patience and planning, Dracula, the resident bad ass of Bram Stoker’s novel, failed to prevail against the heroes and came to a grisly end. His embarrassing death aside, the story of Count Dracula can serve as a cautionary tale. Without further ado, let us see what the world’s most famous vampire could have done better.
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