Aug 062012

Roadblock by Scazon

Setbacks happen. One moment you are pressing forward, making great strides towards your goal. The next moment you find yourself slamming into a brick wall that appeared out of nowhere, at high speed. The impact throws you off your feet and onto your back. You suffer injuries and lose your momentum. Instead of moving forward, you now have to cope with this turn of events.

At best, it is a minor irritant. At worst, it can be a devastating blow, which you may not recover from quickly enough. But what matters is not what happens; it is dealing with it that counts.
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Sep 082010

Defeatism is a dangerous attitude to have. When you expect to fail and accept it, it is highly likely you will. Defeatism takes away your objectivity and composure. It leaves you unable to handle events in an effective manner. It also robs you of the perseverance you need to succeed in what you set out to do. With this attitude, you give up too quickly at the first sign of trouble. Thus the very failure you expect becomes a reality. Due to Luke’s defeatism, even the wise Yoda had trouble with him. Read on to learn about the dangers of defeatism.
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Mar 252010
Oda Nobunaga by Kano Motohide

The Battle of Okehazama

Before he came to power, one of Japan’s three great unifiers, Oda Nobunaga, faced a major crisis which threatened to end his career prematurely. Imagawa Yoshimoto, a powerful rival warlord, invaded his lands with an army of 25,000 men. In contrast, Nobunaga could only muster a paltry 2,500 soldiers to defend himself with. As fort after fort fell, Nobunaga’s retainers gave up hope of victory. Some even advocated surrender to preserve their lives. Defeat for Nobunaga meant death for him and possibly his family.
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