Mar 162012

There was a 20% discount ongoing at my favourite bookshop. Being a lover of knowledge and books, I dropped by yesterday to see if there were any new additions I could make to my library. I was not really expecting to find much since I had bought most of the books that interested me. Still, my mind hungered for new knowledge. I needed to read something I had not read before. I did not even want to read anything that I had some knowledge of since I had been moving in the same circles lately. Unexpectedly, something caught my eye.
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Dec 052010

Welcome to the first edition of the Vizier’s Reflections. All of us lead busy lives. With this in mind, I will use this post to share with you, any interesting and useful ideas that I come across each week. If I can help to highlight some ideas that might be of use to you, I would have achieved my aim. Although I am not sure how this post will develop over time, I do intend to make the Vizier’s Reflections a weekly staple. It will also make a good platform for me to make any announcements if the need should arise.
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