May 162012

Logic while important in life can only reveal so much. Going through life relying on logic alone is akin to managing with one hand tied behind your back. There will be times where something seems logical, but does not feel right. The only way to realize this is through intuition. Intuition allows you to know things that logic alone cannot know. If you choose to ignore your intuition, you will not be living your life in a truly optimal way.

When I think of intuition, I think of Powered by Intuition (PBI) and Angela Artemis. Angela has written many articles on intuition. In fact, if you have a question about intuition, you are likely to find the answer at PBI. If not, I am sure she could help you with her many years of experience.

But that is not all. As part of the tour for her latest book “The Intuition Principle,” I have had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with her. Here is what she had to share.
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