Feb 162011
Helping Hand by Lusi

The old saying goes that no one is an island. At some point or other, we will have to ask for help because there are too many things that we cannot know. We will need to rely on the expertise of others. Now, the way we ask for help affects the quality and extent of help that we will receive. If we do so in a half-hearted or off-putting manner, we are unlikely to get the help we need. Even if we did get help, it will not be whole-hearted which can make a lot of difference. But if we ask for help with sincerity, we are likelier to get the help we need. To illustrate this point, I would like to share a favourite story of mine.
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Feb 012011
Learning to Let Go by Indigo

Question: What do a dictator and an annoying house guest have in common?
Answer: They do not know when to leave.

The recent unrest in Egypt has set me thinking. It is not easy to let go and call it quits. In fact, it is far easier to overstay our welcome only to find ourselves thrown out. In social settings, we may have the awareness needed to know when to go. But when the situation involves money and power, it is harder to know where to draw the line. This problem is not only common in our age. Countless people before us have clung onto power and money longer than they should. In fact, thousands of years ago, Lao Zi addressed this issue in the Tao Te Ching.
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Jan 232011

The tongue is a marvellous organ. Used wisely, you can instruct, communicate ideas, make great conversation and enjoy good company. But like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the tongue can also cause your downfall when you say the wrong thing. How many people have ruined their careers, brought down empires or destroyed relationships simply because they could not control that 4-inch beast in their mouths? Yet not all is lost. In this article, I shall share some insights on how to control our tongue and words by drawing on a little history and personal experience.
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Jan 042011
Family Fun Day by Knoxville Museum of Art

This article is inspired by Sandra Lee’s 30 Days of Love and Appreciation. Since it is the start of 2011, it is best to start well. One way of doing so, is to make sure we express our appreciation and love for our loved ones. There is no need to wait for a special day or occasion to show your love. Instead, we should seize every chance we have to do so while we still can and here are some reasons why.
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Dec 152010
Cup of Tea by Yuki-Ona

Listening is an important skill to have in life. Yet we do not always do it properly. Our failure to listen well can affect our relationships and cause misunderstandings. One factor that hinders our ability to listen is a saturated mind. When the mind is full of opinions, it is hard for anything else to go in. To better illustrate this point, let me share with you a story.
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Nov 162010
Cherry Blossoms by Slonecker

Life is transient. We come into this world with nothing and when it is time to go, we leave with nothing. Yet while we live, it is all too easy to forget that we have very limited time. On the contrary, we feel as if we have too much time and as a result, take many things for granted. As 2010 draws to a close, yet another year in my life has passed. I am not going to wait until I lose the things I hold dear before I appreciate their value. Instead, I would like to take this time to give thanks.
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Nov 042010
Handshake by Thinkpanama

Connecting with people is a basic human need. When you connect with someone on a deep level, it is easier to become good friends. It is easier to have a smooth working relationship. It is easier to avoid needless conflicts while having greater harmony in your life. One of the ways of forming this connection is to find common ground. No matter how different and unique people are, there is bound to be common ground if you make the effort to look for it. With common ground comes common understanding. Read on to learn how to find common ground to connect with people.
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Oct 192010
Sultan Suleiman by Deliogul

All friendships are dynamic. They change with time and experience. Some friendships start badly but end up well. Others begin well but end badly. There are also friendships that just stagnate for years. But the truest and strongest of friendships survives the test of time. There are many factors, both internal and external that can affect and change the strongest of friendships. Nowhere is this clearer than the friendship between Suleiman the Magnificent and his Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha. Read on to learn how a great friendship ended in tragedy.
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Oct 162010
Rebekah & Kristen by Surfkid74

True friends are hard to come by in life. Despite the interconnectedness of the world today, the irony is that many people do not have close friends. Most friendships are shallow and unfulfilling. Therefore, we must cherish and nurture the friendships that are important to us. When you have found friends who have your back through thick and thin, you have found friends worth keeping. But to receive, you must first learn to give. Only by being a good friend can you hope to have true friends. Read on to find out how to be a good friend.
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Oct 122010

In life, you are bound to meet people who dislike you. There is little help for this. You cannot hope to please everyone. Having said that, there is no reason to take what they do personally. Retaliation is a vicious cycle. A moment’s triumph against them could cost you long term respect and support from others around you. Instead, there are better ways to deal with people who dislike you. Read on to find out how.
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