Dec 082010
Inner Peace by Tung072

All too often, life can deal us a bad hand that we do not expect. In Hexagram 51, the I-Ching calls these unexpected changes shocks of fate. This shock could be the loss of a job when you have a family to feed. It could also be the loss of your loved ones, home, savings or anything that gives you security. Few of us are prepared to deal with shocks of fate. This is why they unsettle us so deeply when they happen.

During such times, it is easy for us to lose our presence of mind and panic. Yet to give into fear and despair during these crucial moments only compounds /ur problems for us. In the face of a crisis, only a godlike calm and composure will help you to survive the ordeal.
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Oct 122010

In life, you are bound to meet people who dislike you. There is little help for this. You cannot hope to please everyone. Having said that, there is no reason to take what they do personally. Retaliation is a vicious cycle. A moment’s triumph against them could cost you long term respect and support from others around you. Instead, there are better ways to deal with people who dislike you. Read on to find out how.
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Sep 262010

Relationships form a major part of our lives. At work, you have to manage your relationships with colleagues and clients. As part of your social life, you have to manage your relationship with friends. At home, you have to manage your relationships with family. You are constantly dealing with people. But how well do you know these people? If they had no bearing on your life, it would not really matter. However, if they had the means to disrupt your life and harmony, it pays to know them well. Read on to learn seven simple ways to know a person better.
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