Jul 062011
Elephant without the Blind Men by http2007

The Blind Men and an Elephant

A long time ago, a king asked six blind men to discern what an elephant looked like by feeling different parts of its body. The blind man who felt its leg concluded that the elephant was like a pillar. Another who felt its tail surmised that it was like a rope. The one who felt its trunk said it was like a tree branch. The man who felt its ear said the elephant was like a hand fan. Feeling the elephant’s belly, another blind man sagely replied that the elephant was like a wall. Lastly, the one who felt its tusk said it was like a solid pipe.

The king acknowledged that they were all right, but only partially so. He then explained that each of the blind men had touched a different part of the elephant. But in truth, the elephant was the sum of all of those parts.
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Jun 232011
Ripples by Robin_24

Our lives are the sum of our choices. Each choice that we make, whether it is big or small, shapes and determines our lives. The most obvious result of our choices is the impact it has on us. But our choices can also have an impact the lives of others, especially our loved ones.

When you drop a pebble into the water, it creates a ripple expansion that radiates outwards. Similarly, the impact from our choices also radiates outwards, affecting the world around us for better or for worse. Good choices bring joy and blessings into our lives. Poor choices on the other hand, haunt us internally as regrets and externally as problems. Hence, we must be careful of the choices we make and the impact they have.
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Jan 022011
Warning Sign by Oskay

This morning, I watched my brother play Uncharted 2 on PlayStation 3. In the game, his character was trying to steal a treasure from a museum in Istanbul. Naturally, there were many guards around to make sure that thieves did not waltz in and walk off with priceless treasures. As my brother dispatched the guards, he left the bodies lying on the floor in plain sight. At this point, it occurred to me that he was leaving signs of his activities lying around. Until then, the other guards were not aware of the heist going on. But if any one of them were to stumble on the bodies, they would realize something was wrong at once. It is the same in reality. There are signs everywhere and it pays to take notice of them early.
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