Mar 202012
Sunrise by Winchild

Most people prefer to have good fortune to misfortune. When things go well, they hope it will remain this way forever. But things rarely stay good for long. Once you have achieved a cherished goal and reached the top of the hill, there is nowhere else to go but down. But is misfortune inevitable? The answer is no. There are ways to prolong good fortune, but you have to make an effort to do so.
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Mar 162012

There was a 20% discount ongoing at my favourite bookshop. Being a lover of knowledge and books, I dropped by yesterday to see if there were any new additions I could make to my library. I was not really expecting to find much since I had bought most of the books that interested me. Still, my mind hungered for new knowledge. I needed to read something I had not read before. I did not even want to read anything that I had some knowledge of since I had been moving in the same circles lately. Unexpectedly, something caught my eye.
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