Mar 202012
Sunrise by Winchild

Most people prefer to have good fortune to misfortune. When things go well, they hope it will remain this way forever. But things rarely stay good for long. Once you have achieved a cherished goal and reached the top of the hill, there is nowhere else to go but down. But is misfortune inevitable? The answer is no. There are ways to prolong good fortune, but you have to make an effort to do so.
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Dec 212011
Happy Couple by Millicent Bystander

Having your loved one by your side gives great meaning to your life. Yet many relationships and marriages are unhappy, ending in break ups and divorce. To worsen matters, there is also the issue of cheating. Not only do men do it, but in this age of gender equality, women do so as well. But here, cheating is merely the symptom or the result of a bigger unresolved problem or problems in the relationship. Is living happily ever after a myth? Is there no way to find that perfect someone to share your love? What then can you do to have the relationship you deserve?
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Nov 042011
Bust of Marcus Aurelius by Wikipedia

Life for many of us is trial and error. We live, we make mistakes and we fall down. Then we get back up and try all over again. Along the way, we gain insights and develop guidelines to make better choices and actions. There are many books and articles on guidelines to living a good life. The most famous of them would be Marcus AureliusMeditations, which I am sure many people have heard of and read.

Now I may not be a Roman Emperor or a wise philosopher. But I thought it would be a good exercise to write out a few guidelines of my own. On the one hand, it helps me to define my values and approach to living a good life. On the other hand, it helps me to examine them more closely.

You may not agree with all that I say. And this is fine because each of us has our own views about the world. But I do hope that you will be able to take away something with you. I also hope that it will cause you to reflect on and define some of the guidelines you have for living a good life.
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May 062011
Depressed and Lonely by Luis Sarabia

When Evelyn asked me to write an article on self-love, I hesitated for a moment. For me, it feels weird for a guy to talk about self-love. But I am well aware that this is merely a view that I have about how guys should behave. But if there is a good enough reason, I am always more than willing to change my views. In this case, I feel it is worth it because some of my readers might just benefit from my experiences. As I wrote this article, it seems that I have a fair amount to say about self-love, making this is my longest post yet. The funny thing is, when I began my journey of self-discovery, I did not set out to find self-love. My holy grail was inner peace. Yet in the process, I learned about self-love as well.
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Nov 212010
Smiling Young Woman by Mdavidwole

Regrets can haunt and torment us long after the incidents have occurred. They can shackle us to the past and affect us at the worst possible moments. I am not fond of having regrets in my life because I know the pain it can cause. As far as I am able to, I make it a point to reduce the “what ifs” and “should haves” from my life. I live each moment as fully as I can and act decisively when I must. While my style of doing things may not appeal to all, it has helped me to live a life without regrets. I hope that what I share will do the same for you too.
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Oct 082010

Taking charge of your life and the things you do is vital to living in harmony with your times and circumstances. You cannot assign this responsibility to others because they may not have your self-interests at heart. Even if they did, they will never know you the way you know yourself. Thus, their best intentions may not turn out the way you hope. The saying goes, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” There are many reasons to take charge of your life. Read on to learn about them.
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Jul 222010

I recently came across an interview that Mike Tyson gave and found it to be candid and moving. Most of us are aware of Mike Tyson. We know of his spectacular rise to stardom as a boxing champion. We also know how he lost it all when his life unravelled due to his personal problems. The media covered much of Tyson’s struggles from his failed marriages to drugs and a whole host of public embarrassments. It seemed like Tyson would never get out of the deep dark pit he was in.

Yet today, at the ripe old age of 44, Mike Tyson is a changed man. He has tasted almost all that life has to offer. He has known poverty and wealth, success and failure, love and loss. These experiences have humbled him. Although his inner struggles still plague him, Tyson is making a persistent effort to turn his life around this time for good. Considering all that the man has been through and continues to struggle against, I cannot help but be moved and inspired by his determination. Read on to find out why.
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Apr 202010
Most bored by Sally Bradshaw

During World War II, Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor and eminent psychotherapist, spent 3 long years as prisoner 119104 in the concentration camps enduring unimaginable suffering. Soon after his release, Frankl recorded his experiences in his book, “Man’s search for meaning.” He wanted to show that life had meaning under any circumstances. Although many of his fellow prisoners died in the camps, Frankl survived. Apart from luck, the reason for his survival was the inner strength he derived from his meaning in life. What does this mean for us? It means that we too can learn how to create meaning in our lives that will empower us. With this meaning, we can achieve more than we ever considered possible.
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