Nov 222011
Sensing the Tao by Halofan943

Before I can write about how to manage the Tao of a situation, I feel it is good to share how one can be aware of the Tao. This question came up in my previous article on the Tao of Fish and Chips. It is a habit and a curiosity of mine to try to see to the core of situations that interest me. As such, my radar is on when it is important. If it is not, sometimes I notice the Tao and at other times, I do not.

As I said before, the Tao need not be an abstract or esoteric concept. It is practical to be aware of it if you wish to make the best choices in a given situation. Here then is the approach I take to be more aware of the Tao.
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Nov 092011
Fish and Chips by Christian Tan

I stood in the eye of the storm and calmly watched the chaos and confusion around me. When an opening appeared, I acted quickly to seize it. Everything I did had a specific goal. I was truly living in the moment and acting as the situation required. I made almost no wasted movement and did not do more than necessary. I knew exactly what I needed to do and when to do it. Because I could see and follow the flow of the energy around me, I achieved my goal with ease and very little hassle. What was my goal in this case? It was to order a plate of fish and chips for lunch.
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Apr 152011
Joyful by Marek Bernat

How should you live your lives? If you were to ask 20 people how to live life, you will probably get 20 different answers. And unless these people are just like you, their answers may not be your heart’s desire. In truth, no one can tell you how to live your life. They can only tell you how they lived theirs. Thus, you cannot find the answer to this important question from others. You may get clues and pointers, but the real answer lies deep within you. Only when you follow your heart’s desire will you have had a life that is worth living.
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