Jan 192011
Statue of Liberty by Kevin Gilmour

Most people are aware of the tragedy of the Tucson shootings that has marred the start of 2011. But such shootings are not a one-off thing. This is unlikely to be the last shooting that we will see. As I read Sandra Lee’s article, it reminded me of the heavy price that comes with freedom.

In this day and age, we have endless choices and possibilities that those before us did not. It is true that freedom is not uniform across the world. Some countries have more freedom than others do. Yet freedom taken to the extreme can only result in tragedies. In fact, anything taken to the extreme can lead to problems. As such, I wish to share two sources which I feel sheds light on the price of freedom.
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Apr 202010
Most bored by Sally Bradshaw

During World War II, Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor and eminent psychotherapist, spent 3 long years as prisoner 119104 in the concentration camps enduring unimaginable suffering. Soon after his release, Frankl recorded his experiences in his book, “Man’s search for meaning.” He wanted to show that life had meaning under any circumstances. Although many of his fellow prisoners died in the camps, Frankl survived. Apart from luck, the reason for his survival was the inner strength he derived from his meaning in life. What does this mean for us? It means that we too can learn how to create meaning in our lives that will empower us. With this meaning, we can achieve more than we ever considered possible.
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