Feb 162011
Helping Hand by Lusi

The old saying goes that no one is an island. At some point or other, we will have to ask for help because there are too many things that we cannot know. We will need to rely on the expertise of others. Now, the way we ask for help affects the quality and extent of help that we will receive. If we do so in a half-hearted or off-putting manner, we are unlikely to get the help we need. Even if we did get help, it will not be whole-hearted which can make a lot of difference. But if we ask for help with sincerity, we are likelier to get the help we need. To illustrate this point, I would like to share a favourite story of mine.
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Sep 262010

Relationships form a major part of our lives. At work, you have to manage your relationships with colleagues and clients. As part of your social life, you have to manage your relationship with friends. At home, you have to manage your relationships with family. You are constantly dealing with people. But how well do you know these people? If they had no bearing on your life, it would not really matter. However, if they had the means to disrupt your life and harmony, it pays to know them well. Read on to learn seven simple ways to know a person better.
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