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Warning Sign by Oskay

This morning, I watched my brother play Uncharted 2 on PlayStation 3. In the game, his character was trying to steal a treasure from a museum in Istanbul. Naturally, there were many guards around to make sure that thieves did not waltz in and walk off with priceless treasures. As my brother dispatched the guards, he left the bodies lying on the floor in plain sight. At this point, it occurred to me that he was leaving signs of his activities lying around. Until then, the other guards were not aware of the heist going on. But if any one of them were to stumble on the bodies, they would realize something was wrong at once. It is the same in reality. There are signs everywhere and it pays to take notice of them early.

What are Signs?

What are signs? Signs are any action, event, feeling or pattern that gives us clues about something bigger that is going on. This larger event could be something that is happening or about to happen. Usually, we could not know about this bigger picture with logic alone. But often, our intuition will pick up that something is not as it seems. How this is so, we cannot say. At this point, it is through signs that we affirm what we suspect to be true with our intuition. In fact, Angela Artemis of Powered by Intuition states that signs are one of the five ways that our intuition speaks to us.

Examples of Signs

Whether we are aware of them or not, there are countless events happening around us. But these events do not happen in a vacuum. For every event that occurs, there are bound to be signs that accompany them. For instance, smoke indicates that there is a fire burning. Dark clouds suggests that rain is coming. Significant gas emissions could mean that a volcano is about to erupt.

But signs are not limited to nature. We can tell a lot about a person’s nature and future behaviour by their actions, the things they say and the choices they make. In relationships, the presence or absence of respect, trust and communication between couples might indicate future state of affairs. In the corporate world, the way management runs a company can reveal a lot about its long-term future. Nothing happens without warning. The signs are there if we know how and where to look. And if the signs come looking for us instead, it is worth taking notice just in case.

Why Are Signs Important?

Why are signs important? Signs point towards something larger. Some of these things affect us directly. Others do not concern us in the least. Finally, there are also things that affect us indirectly. Signs are the universe’s way of bringing events that affect us to our attention. They serve as a nudge or warning about what we should know or do. Sometimes we may not notice the signs the first time. But if we run into the same or similar sign a second time, it would be wise to pay careful attention. The universe does not wait for us to realize what is happening.

Signs reveal many things we could not know based on logic alone. Through signs, we can tell whether someone is trustworthy or not. This is important when it comes to making a hefty purchase like buying a house for instance. The last thing we want is to deal with a cheat. And speaking of cheats, intuition and telltale signs may be the only way that a partner can find out about an infidelity.

Reading signs also allows us to see how plans or events are likely to turn out. For example, if I am getting more blog traffic, then I must be doing things right. Conversely, something must be wrong somewhere if my traffic is declining. There is also the example of a financial crisis. Today, a financial crisis in one country might have an impact on other countries due to our interconnectedness. If so, I might be better off waiting for another time to start a new business venture if I am affected. By noticing signs we can make better choices and adjust our plan for likely outcomes. In this way, we have a higher chance of reaching our goals.

Dark Clouds by GorupKa

Using Signs to Our Advantage

How then do we use signs to our advantage?

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Be aware of your surroundings. Note any changes to the natural state of things. What is the cause of the change? What is likely to happen as a result? The sooner you act on a change in your surroundings, the faster you can adapt to what is happening. This way, events are less likely to catch you off guard.

2. Think Ahead

If there are warning signs of change, it pays to think ahead. Again, what was the cause of the change? What bigger event do the signs suggest? What is the likely outcome of this change? Whom, apart from you, will the change affect as well? What is the new status quo likely to be and how would it affect you? Considering these questions, allows you to prepare for any possibilities.

3. External and Personal Experience

Most of the changes and signs that happen have a precedent. The question is whether time permits us to reflect on the changes or not. If so, we can build on the experiences of others. Today if we need any information, we can find it through books or online through forums or Google. Drawing on the ideas and experiences of others allows us to deal with signs and changes better. But if the time does not permit, we have to draw on our own experiences and rely on our gut feel to make the best choices. The only way that we can become better at making intuitive choices is to use our intuition regularly.

Taking Action

Taking heed of signs is a vital skill to have. We cannot go through life oblivious to what is happening around us. In our interconnected world today, a financial crisis in one country could easily affect other countries in the region or even the world. Being aware of the signs and times is the only way to stay ahead of events. It is the only way to shape our lives as we wish.

How aware are you of the signs around you? Do you pay close attention to it? What do you do with this knowledge of likely events to come? Do share your thoughts and comments below. :)

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  12 Responses to “The Importance of Reading the Signs”

  1. Irving,
    This was an excellent and informative post. Thank you – and thank you so much for mentioning me and my articles here. I’m so honored that you did.

    I think we underplay the importance of signs in our lives. If we pay attention there are many to guide us, or lead us if we open our minds. We need to be aware that just like there are “forshadowings” of events to come in books, forshadowing also exists in life too.

    There’s a faction of intuitives who call themselves “mentalists.” They either don’t believe that intuition exists, or believe that it’s all in being acutely aware of what’s going on around them. I think paying attention to signs would fall under the umbrella of being acutely aware of what’s going on around us.

    We are capable of receiving so much more information from our environment and people around us, but our minds filter it out. Your article has given us a great road map of tips to follow to become aware of the information that’s always being transmitted to us from our environment.
    Angela Artemis recently posted..Catch &amp Release- The Creativity- Intuition &amp Meditation ExpeditionMy Profile

    • Hi Angela,

      I am glad you enjoyed my article. You are so familiar with intuition that you have made my life very much easier with your articles. :)

      You have aptly described what I was trying to say through your mention of forshadowing of events. If we were more aware of these forshadowings we would all lead much smoother lives and make better choices.

      I am familiar with mentalism. Years ago before I discovered the Yijing, I was drawn to magic. I found it fascinating to learn how performers did their magic tricks. The branch I was most intrigued by was mentalism for its mystique. Mentalists are some of the most creative and intelligent people how there who really know how to draw the audience in and entertain them. I think many leading mentalists today are fantastic entertainers.

      But my aim differs from mentalists in that I wish to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. One of the ways of doing this is by making them aware of the signs and the uses of intuition to achieve their fullest potential. If we learn to manage our filters, we will be open to so much more that is going on in the world around us.

      Thank you for your lovely comments! :)

  2. Hi Irving! I pay close attention to the signs in my life. I call them “signs of grace” and I see them everywhere really. I feel that’s how the universe gently guides me through the path or big picture the universe has painted for my life. These signs of grace are small blessings throughout the day and they reaffirm what my intuition is telling me.
    Thanks for this inspirational post. Loving blessings!
    Andrea DeBell – britetalk recently posted..A Beginner Guide To Achieving Your PotentialMy Profile

    • Hi Andrea,

      Signs of grace is a lovely term for the signs that the universes bestows upon us. I agree with you, if we follow the signs, we will be more aware of the big picture that the universe has in store for us. Living a life of awareness through intuition makes for richer living indeed.

      Thank you for your lovely comments! :)

  3. We all have to look out for the signs in life. But we cannot let these signs dictate our motions. Sometimes we have to stray.
    jonathanfigaro recently posted..Can You Be A SuperheroMy Profile

  4. Hi Vizier,

    We all should pay attentions to the signs of life and choose to do the best. The important thing is to choose the positive signs and use them to our advantage. :)
    Dia recently posted..What is a true friendMy Profile

    • Hi Dia,

      I am glad to see that you are aware of the importance of signs. While we should use positive signs to our advantage, we must also be prepared to deal with negative signs and events.

      Thank you for your comments! :)

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  6. This is a very interesting post and really emphasizes, for me, how important it is to examine in our lives what is creating the outcome we want and what isn’t. And then, to do more of what is and relinquish what isn’t.

    • Hi Bamboo Forest,

      I am glad you found my article useful. Indeed being aware of the effects of our actions through the signs it creates will help us to shape our futures according to our wishes.

      Thank you for your comments! :)

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