Dec 122010

Time flies when we are not paying attention. Before we know it, it is the end of yet another week as we draw closer to the end of 2010. How has the week been for you all? It has been smooth I hope? :)

The Vizier by Haefen

New Display Picture

First, I would like to make a quick announcement. From this day forth, I will be using a new display picture as the Vizier. The previous one I have been using comes from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms game that I love to play. But to pre-empt potential problems in the future, I have decided to get my own personalized portrait for the Vizier. Since I have no talent when it comes to drawing, I turned to my friend Haefen for help. I must say I am pleased with the result. I love the armour best! :) Not only is Haefen a talented artist, she also has her own handcrafted jewellery line. Do check out her site at Art Usagi.


With the New Year just around the corner, I am sure you will be making your own resolutions. If you do intend to write an article on resolutions but have not done so, may I make a suggestion? Why don’t you join the personal development campfire at Eden Journal for December? The topic, as you can guess, is resolutions. By joining the campfire, you get a link back to your website for a post that you might have intended to write. Although the campfire starts on December 15, there is no need to panic. It will continue to remain open till the 31st, so you will have enough time to prepare. Do check it out! I love the campfire because it gives me a chance to connect with other bloggers on a common topic. :)

Useful Articles

Finally, here are some useful articles that I came across during the week. I hope that you will benefit in some way from reading them.

1. Earning Money Online

Earning money online is not easy. You need to make a thorough research to find the right niche where you can succeed. To complicate matters, there are so many articles out there on how to research a niche that it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Luckily, Steve Scott has written the Ultimate Blueprint on this topic. I feel that it is worth a look for the ideas and information that he shares in it.

Another post of Steve’s that has caught my eye is the elevator pitch for your online business. What I like about this article is its reminder to be succinct when it comes to getting your points across. This is all the more important when it comes to your website. Can you summarize what your website is about in a minute? Is that summary clear enough for your readers to understand?

2. How to Make the Best Ever Chai-Tea at Home

Do you like to drink tea? If so, you are in for a treat! Preeti Bhatt of Happy Heart and Mind shares a recipe on how to make Chai-Tea at home. She even includes instructional videos as well to illustrate her points.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Thank you for reading my reflections and I wish you, my dear readers, a great week ahead! :)

Irving aka the Vizier

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  10 Responses to “The Vizier’s Reflections: 06/12/10 to 12/12/10”

  1. Irving,
    I love the new portrait on your site. Your friend is obviously a very talented artist!
    I also am loving that you introduced us to the Campfire. I will definitely check it out as I intended to write an article about resolutions.
    Thank you – thank you!
    Angela Artemis recently posted..A Sojourner’s Guide to Intuition- Meditation &amp ManifestingMy Profile

    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you for your compliments, I will convey them to Haefen. :)

      I am glad that you like the campfire idea. I look forward to seeing you there with us!

      Thank you for your comments! :)

  2. Love Dandy’s deep breathing post, which I have linked to in my most recent post on belly breathing. I really appreciate the link to the virtual campfire–what a great idea. You are a wealth of information and ideas! Thanks!
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Are You Belly BreathingMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,

      Yes, Dandy has written an important post on deep breathing and you have given me more food for thought with your belly breathing as well.

      I would love to see your resolutions article for the campfire this month. :)

      Thank you for your comments! :)

  3. The art work is great. Here’s to the new Vizier icon!

  4. Hi Irving,
    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! What I love the most about your blog is all the wonderful information you provide for us. So I’m honored to be mentioned! The new display picture is great!! Thank you Irving! Sending you vibrations of positivity, love, and happiness!

    Dandy recently posted..Do you get lost in a relationshipMy Profile

    • Hi Dandy,

      It was my pleasure. I felt that article should be read by more people since I know that there are many people who could benefit from proper breathing.

      Thank you for your vibrations! I appreciate it! :D

  5. Irving,

    I found this by chance, as I somehow not getting trackbacks. I love the details about your new avatar, I was going to ask, now I know. Thank you for including my chai tea link. Cool picture and nice art work.
    Zengirl @ Heart and Mind recently posted..Starting Off New Year With Trials and ErrorsMy Profile

    • Hi Preeti,

      Yeah I figured that people would wonder about my new avatar so I decided to provide some information about the change. I am glad you like the new avatar, so do I. :)

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